How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills


Answerby Mira Zasloveon Quora.

The biggest tip to improve your public speaking? Think less about yourself, and more about your audience.

Specifically, focus on 3 main things:

1. Who are you speaking to?

Research ahead of time as much as you can, as to who your audience is. Tailor your presentation to them. Cut out anything that doesn’t directly pertain to them. Be ruthless.

People have short attention spans. Stick only to what is necessary, and focus again, not on yourself, but rather what will be most useful for the audience.

2. Why are you giving the speech?

Why have people showed up? Why do they care? Give the audience what they came for. People have showed up for a reason. Keep that in mind.

Tell the audience clearly why you are there, and why you are excited to speak to them. Speak to what is relevant…

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