A holistic approach to health care, healing through art

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SASKATOON – They say art speaks to our souls and in some cases has become a form of healing.

In an environment where you may least expect to the find the arts, St. Paul’s Hospital has embraced it, offering a holistic care approach where the focus is more about the heart, mind and spirit and it’s impact on patients.

“During illness it’s sometimes hard to articulate ourselves, the different types of thoughts and feelings that we’re trying to process, we don’t always have words for them and the arts have this beautiful, universal appeal due to it’s ability to transcend the limits of language,” said Marlessa Wesolowski, Artist in Residence.

The healing process in some cases can be as simple as putting pencil to paper.

“It takes my mind off of what’s really going on with my health and it gives me a break,” said 52-year old Dean Hogue, who…

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