Female gamers changing the industry

Global News

Feminism and video games; not two terms often paired in the same sentence. However, studies now show female gamers might even outnumber their male counterparts in certain genres, prompting academics to explore gender representation in an industry undergoing drastic changes.

“We’re really at like a watershed moment now,” said Nina Huntemann, associate professor of media studies at Suffolk University.

In the past, the video game industry targeted men because it was the ‘safe’ choice. Developing games for a computer or console is expensive and there was always a better chance of turning a profit creating games for male audiences. Now with diverse platforms, however, that’s all changing.

“They are facing some economic realities that whether they like it or not are going to make them shift. Tablet, mobile development… these platforms are allowing game development to be cheaper and with cheaper development you can take more risks because you’re not…

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